25November 2016

siBIM 2016 - BIMathlon



siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor

are organising

as part of the professional conference
siBIM 2016 – 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'
24 November 2016, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor,

Krekova 2, Maribor


BIMathlon is a team competition challenge in application of BIM technology for digital built environment. The event commences on Thursday 24th November from 8am onwards until late evening hours and it will take place on Faculty premises (Krekova ulica 2, Maribor, Slovenia). We welcome teams from industry, universities and high schools. It would be recommended if team members came from different fields of construction, architecture, engineering and/or ICT.


The challenges of this year’s BIMathlon are:

  • Create a detailed and open BIM model (Open BIM) for a project of your own choice
  • Use the IFC to exchange data among different software platforms (interoperability)
  • Be able to generate 2D drawings and schedules from the model.


The assessment criteria:

  • 20% model compliant to professional standards
  • 20% number of reference models used (terrain, site, architectural sub-models and/or elements, structural sub-models and/or elements, MEP sub-models and/or elements, etc.)
  • 20% model maturity (LOD, LOI)
  • 20% compliance of the IFC export (at least IFC 2x3) when opened with IFC viewers (Solibri) and uploaded to BIM server (BIMserver.org)
  • 20% final project presentation at the siBIM 2016 conference

The 3 top scoring teams will be invited to present their project in the afternoon of the siBIM 2016 conference.



The top 3 teams will receive an award and will be interviewed for BIMpogovori.si podcast.


Evaluation Commitee 

dr. Iva Kovačič, dr. Alan Hore, dr. Nenad Čuš Babič, dr. Robert Klinc, Primož Tarle, Iztok Zabreznik, Anja Selinšek, Andrej Žolnir



  • B-Team
  • BIM Trek
  • Allhouse


For more information please contact us on:


Klara Mihalič (+386- 41-991-331, SI) or Mojca Rozenicnik (+44-7950-75-27-81, UK)


siBIM 2016 Organisational and Programme Committee



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