14November 2017

siBIM 2017 - 2. BIMathlon

14.11.2017 ob 08:00


BIM Association Slovenia,

together with Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at University of Ljubljana and Bimatori Institute, organizes

2. BIMathlon

as part of the conference

siBIM 2017 - developing digitalization of built environment


UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Jamova cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana


BIMathlon is a competition for teams in use of BIM approach in the area of ​​the built environment. It will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, starting at 8 am, at UL FGG. The participating group can have of up to five members, most likely from different fields of construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technologies. The group members can be engineers, architects, students etc.

At the event a project will be presented to teams. This year the project (a building) was contributed by the sponsor company Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o.. The project first requests the design of a BIM model and then its use for different tasks.

Best three teams will present their projects at the conference siBIM 2017 - developing digitalization of built environment.



  • Design of detailed and open BIM-model (Open BIM) for the given project that includes building and its surroundings, architecture, construction elements, furniture and installations.
  • Use of the BIM model for analysis (statics, energy), BIM 4D model, Bill of Quantities, preparation of documentation and visualization.



  • 1st place : 500 EUR
  • 2nd place: 250 EUR
  • 3rd place: 100 EUR

Winning team will be invited to present its project to the sponsor company Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o. First three teams will be invited to join the conference siBIM 2017 on the 16. 11. 2017 in Hotel Four Points by Sheraton in Ljubljana.

All teams will be invited for an interview for BIMpogovori.si.



Teams must register until 12.11.2017 to contact@sibim.si with the following data:

  • name of the team
  • team member names, their education, e-mails
  • vodjo skupine

All team members will receive BIMathlon-T-shirts. Food and drink is included.

Following teams are already registered:

  • Team "0011101000110011"
    • Fares Vladimir Villca Šeme (student civil engineering)
    • Miha Koplan (student civil engineering)
    • Rok Lipužič Geroni (student civil engineering)
  • Team "PARK"
    • Patrik Glavica, dipl. inž. grad. (VS)  (student) 
    • Andrej Žolnir, dipl. inž. grad. (VS) (student), team leader
    • Katarina Šundrica, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student) 
    • Rok Čelofiga, dipl. inž. arh. (UN) (student)
  • Team "BIMtim"
    • Matic Ledinek, mag. inž. grad., team leader
    • Mitja Furman, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student)
    • David Dobrotinšek, dipl. inž. grad. (UN) (student)
  • Team "ALLHOUSE"
    • Marko Žgavc, dipl.inž.grad., team leader

    • Peter Jermol, u.d.i.a.

    • Mirza Salkič, dipl. inž. grad.

    • Blaž Pucelj, dipl. inž. grad.



UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Jamova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, room P-I/3.



●     8:00-9:00 - team setup (equipment, etc.) 

●     9:00-9:10 - welcome (by UL FGG)

●     9:10-9:30 - introduction to BIMathlon (project, requirements, evaluation)

●     9:30-13:00 - team work

●     13:00-13:45 - lunch break

●     13:45-18:30 - team work

●     18:30-18:45 - submission of work

●     18:45-19:00 - closing 




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