25November 2016

siBIM 2016 - "BIM – the DNA of Built Environment"


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siBIM - BIM Association Slovenia


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor, Krekova 2, Maribor

are organizing
the 2nd professional conference 
siBIM 2016 – 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'
25 November 2016, City Hotel, Maribor


After the successful 1st professional siBIM 2015 conference,  the siBIM Association is now organising the siBIM 2016 conference, this time sub-titled 'BIM – The DNA of Built Environment'.
The Conference, a one-day professional event, will be held on 25 November 2016 at the pleasant City hotel in Maribor, which lies next to the river Drava. As part of the conference there will also be an event called BIMathlon held on 24 November 2016 where teams (engineers, students and pupils) will be competing to solve a practical problem using the BIM approach.
This year's conference focuses on key advantages and obstacles of the BIM approach in various areas of built environment with an emphasis on implemented projects and exchange of experience in using the BIM approach.  The key in using the BIM approach is its correct use that is to the right extent, right project stages and at the right place.  
The BIM approach is also being implemented in individual apartment building where the project, the value of the investment, the functionality of the building and building maintenance are also significant. As far as public investments are concerned, the positive attitude to the BIM approach of individual investors is resulting in first pilot projects, which are very important for Slovenia and which will identify real advantages and obstacles on the path towards a national strategy for using the BIM approach, also in often expensive and complex infrastructural projects. Building managers are also becoming aware of the potential of using the BIM model for many processes in building maintenance. Implementation of digital models of building products that have been changing the technology of building production, including the use of 3D printers, has been underway.   
Marketing solutions for using the BIM models for a better presentation of a building, its indoors and outdoors, facade lining and mechanical equipment installations have been introduced.  Interoperability secured by open BIM standards enables the integration of domain BIM submodules which offer support to project teams in building projects.  
All of the above points to the fact that the BIM approach is now extensively used in built environment projects. And this will be the main topic of the 2016 siBIM conference.


Conference topics:

  • BIM in the region and beyond (invited keynote speakers)

Connecting users of the BIM approach in the region and beyond is important because it offers the possibility to exchange experience, good practice, conclude strategic partnerships and encourage standardisation of classification systems of building elements and implementation of BIM in national projects. 

  • BIM as a tool of communication and more effective decision-making in private buildings

Presentations in this topic segment will be focusing on using the BIM approach in various stages of projects funded by private investors (e.g. individual construction). The BIM approach in individual construction enables private investors to have a better understanding of the building, more individualisation and enables them to be easily included in the building process.

  • BIM as an environment for project optimisation and control of maintenance costs and infrastructure facility 

Public funds require transparency in the area of built environment, cost optimisation of a project and the possibility of responsible building management after construction. Identification of processes in building maintenance enables timely planning for using the BIM model and brings direct benefits of using the BIM approach in previous stages of the project.  


Conference proceedings
  Conference proceedings will be published after the conference.  Authors of the accepted abstracts will be requested to submit their papers according to the organiser's instructions by 23 December. The siBIM Association will publish all papers in conference e-proceedings. 
Honorable Patron of the conference is prof. dr. Miroslav Premrov, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at University of Maribor.


siBIM 2016 Organisational and Programme Committee



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